Earth & Sky News - Milestones / Highlights

For those of you who are interested in my journey, this blog will be a point of contact for sharing milestones and highlights of projects and workshops. For anyone interested in participating in online arts workshops and identify with mental health & wellness demographics, I will be hosting FREE Open Studio sessions with Artfix Nipissing every Thursday from now until the end of February, 2021. We will be talking about (and I will be demonstrating) different transfer techniques both analog and digital, with weekly drawing prompts to get us started.

I would like to begin by expressing my profound gratitude to the community partners who have made the work I have been doing throughout 2020 possible. The Near North Mobile Media Lab has been a fantastic resource and ally to community arts, which seems all the more important in light of this past years’ isolation. This website has been made possible through a grant partnership with Aloeroot Web Services, to whom I am also very grateful for the ongoing support and collaboration to migrate all content from my old domain. The White Water Gallery has also been a wonderful ally on my arts journey in Northern Ontario, and they also are advocates for free community arts programming working in partnership with Artfix Nipissing. I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them over the past few years.

I’ve decided in light of this wonderful opportunity (migrating my arts content locally) to start selling my digital artworks (Dream no. 11 – Creation, pictured here). Ten dollars ($10.00) for a high-resolution file that can be printed to any size, or the alternative options of physical copies to be mailed (FREE SHIPPING) via Canada Post. Above is a piece that I made in 2020 while exploring the Adobe Suite.

The North Bay & Area Potters’ Guild has been a highlight of North Bay to me for a handful of years now, and I would encourage anyone interested in ceramics to register for a class at the first available opportunity. Connecting with the elements through clay is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had as an artist and as a result I don’t think I will ever not be a ceramicist in one form or another. The every-day functional aspect of pottery is what made it undervalued in previous eras, but is what enables us to connect with it in ways that most are unable to do with “traditional” or high-arts. I will be selling some of my ceramics online, though I am interested in offering Pre-Bisqued Underglaze Painting Workshops in future and hope to manifest that at the earliest convenience.
Over the last few years I have been able to develop as a graphic designer and now offer Logo Design (black & white plus a colour alternative if needed) – where you will receive a few design variations and file extensions including a vector graphic. I will also be offering Live Digital Design Sessions one-on-one, though we hope to secure further grants in order to continue offering free sessions for community arts programming. 

I always enjoyed movies that bookend their opening and closing shots. The sunrise & sunset as a storytelling device has always been among my favourite of mechanisms in how the allusion of how relatively infinite time is as a scale for us – each day a wave breaking on the endless shore. I try to remind myself to enjoy those moments where you can get them because beautiful sunsets on beaches are only as few and far between as you find yourself in the right time and place- and tomorrow is always another an opportunity, beginning with sunrise, to find another sunset to enjoy.

The world is different now - arts have proven to be a fundamental component of wellness and self-expression. I aspire to continue working with community arts projects to bring workshops and materials to those who will benefit most. I hope you enjoy the content posted here, and that you find the time to create something beautiful for yourself today or tomorrow (or maybe the next day), I promise that you will thank yourself.

Please contact for all inquiries

Journey - silhouette of a faraway man walking in a desert. Flowers overlaid on the sky, aerial ocean overlaid on the sand dunes.