Digital Mandalas

These mandalas are made by handwriting words digitally, making copies of them and angling them so that they overlap in a way that creates a mandala. Each mandala is unique to a handwritten idea, engrained with a hidden and often sacred message. No two mandalas turn out alike, even when writing the same word. The longer the word, the more complex the mandala.

Secret Love Letter - 2017

This series of mandalas is a love letter to another artist. The first four beginning from the top down read "I Love Your Soul" followed by the artist's first, middle, and last name. The mandalas on the bottom right are the letters of the artists' first name and the bottom right mandala is the signature for CA Reid.


Digital Creator Poster - 2018

DGTL Creator example piece created during the workshop to show a use of gradient. Each mandala was made out of one of the letters DGTL, the line below are the letters for the word "creator".


Water Is Life - 2018

After Christi Belcourt and Isaac Murdoch

This was the colour prototype for a series of mandalas designed after the Christi Belcourt and Isaac Murdoch of the Onaman Collectives' Water Is Life campaign.


Niizhwaaswi gagiikwewin:
Seven Sacred Teachings
Written Word Mandalas

Debwewin, Gwayakowaadiziwin, Zoongide’ewin, Manaaji’iwewin, Dibaadendizowin, Nibwaakaawin,  Zaagi’idiwin
Truth, Honesty, Courage, Respect, Humility, Wisdom, Love