2015 -

A collection of three-dimensional works produced in a variety of mediums.


This is a lifecast of cedar, a traditional medicine that offers healing and protection. It is important for us to remember that nature gives us life, and that it is not for us to take for granted. The silver preserves the impression of the cedar to carry with me as a reminder of the sacred qualities in everything around us.

 Silver Cedar Lifecast 2018

An Exploration of Value (Nipissing BFA)

The piece Expectations was designed after Manfred Kielnhofers' Guardians of Time. The empty figure creates an ethereal shell that can be filled with the viewer's projections. The mirrors act as an element of self-reflection, assembled to create a fractal mosaic on the inside of the person. The figure is symbolic of the expectations we set for ourselves as individuals based on beliefs that are shaped by figures like Gods, Death, Time or Self and is intended to have several interpretations.

Expectations, 2016

The mirror was assembled in such a way as to mark chakras; the key energy points within an individual. This is a close-up of the radial tiling for the Heart.

Expectations (Heart Detail), 2016

The Knowledge sculpture was assembled out of the torso of a retail mannequin, a white wig ordered online, plastic foliage found at the dollarstore, a thrifted compendium, a trip to Fabricland, a small CD stand, broken mirror (inside the head cavity) which you can look inside of,

Knowledge, 2016

Knowledge (Lifecast Detail), 2016


Knowledge (Lifecast and Found Object Detail), 2016

The Timepiece is a sculpture that comments on the the significance of time and commodification of it. The work began as a picture frame turned shadowbox, filled with watches purchased on eBay from Chinese manufacturers, which eventually became a coffee table. After commissioning Jack Hudson to make table legs, the shadowbox slots into a cedar base and has a thick layer of glass laid over the opening. When it was first assembled you could hear over one hundred watches ticking if you were quiet while standing close.

Timepiece, 2016